We're Going to The London Book Fair 2022

Indonesia will be back participating in the international book fair circuit. Starting at the London Book Fair 2022. Supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia is bringing eight publishers and two literary agencies. They are:

Afterhours Books

Borobudur Agency/IKAPI


Gramedia International

Literasia Creativa (That's us!)


PT Mizan Pustaka

Pustaka Obor Indonesia

re:ON Comics

Zikrul Bestari (Bestari Buana Murni)

So, we put our game face - and this is our highlights:

Pohon-Pohon Yang Hilang (The Missing Trees), by Athirah Mustadjab, Illustrated by Arranszi A. Cempaka. In our opinion, a title that really hits home - and brings up an important message, especially in this current climate crisis.

The Bus Diaries, by R.L., A fresh voice on the travelogue genre, as most are usually written through the lens of a privileged first worlder

looking to find themselves in a developing country, Bus Diaries is the Indonesian "Motorcycle Diaries" as the author navigates the diverse culture & landscape of Latin America during the first wave of Latin American pink tide & early days of swine flu.

From vaccine mandates & visa hurdles, traveling with a fake ID in Cuba, having a heartfelt conversation about race with a bus driver in Bolivia while sharing a bag of coca leaves to deal with a flatulent mule in Peru, she finds a shared history of colonialism & US intervention to the soundtrack of Chris de Burgh's Lady In Red & dubbed Van Damme movies.

Greta di Negeri Raksasa (Greta in the Land of Giants) by Fenny Irawati, Illustrated by EorG

This is a story about Greta who never cares for her toys, nor does she value other people's gifts. One day, she is stranded in a land inhabited by her toys, but in the form of giants. Luckily she was able to escape from there, and the experience turned Greta into a child who values ​​what she has and received.

Literasia_Jaket Biru

The Blue Jacket by Okke Sepatumerah, Illustrated by Yulian Ardhi

What will you do when someone who used to love you has stopped caring about you? This is the concern that the Blue Jacket had when Mom bought Tian a new Red Jacket. What will happen to the Blue Jacket? Things that we used to love but no longer use, can find new meaning to other people.