Teroka Press to Publish Joss Sheldon's Individutopia

Updated: Mar 15

Teroka Press, through Literasia, has acquired the translation rights for Joss Sheldon's outstanding dystopian novel Individutopia.

(Literasia Creativa)

On this deal, Joss Sheldon has commented, "Individutopia has never been more relevant. People across the globe are being forced to self-isolate, alone, without the much-needed human contact we crave. We have been forced to compete to stay alive; some people are still in full-time work, whilst others have lost their jobs, and are struggling to make ends meet, desperately looking for whatever piecework they can find. People are falling into a prison of debt.

"These issues, and many more, form the backbone of Individutopia. It may have been released in pre-Covid times, but it is really coming into its own right now. So I am really excited about this new translation. It could not be coming out at a more significant time.

"I hope it will give lots of readers, all across Indonesia's many islands, lots of food for thought. And I'd like to think that it may inspire hope too. It's not all doom and gloom, after all. The book is not only about dark times. It is also a tale of human resilience; of our ability to battle through, escape, and come out stronger and healthier than before."

Fariq Alfaruqi of Teroka Press expressed his delight. He said that "Individutopia is an incredible feat of story-telling, I was smitten by the story the first time I read it. And I am delighted that the readers in Indonesia will have a chance to enjoy Joss's excellent work".

The work is currently being translated by Ninus Andarnuswari, and will be published in 2022.