Scholarship Program of Tehran International Book Fair 2020

Updated: Mar 15

The Tehran International Book Fair Scholarship Programme will be implemented to provide the expenses for the participation of those who are active in the publishing industry.

Article 1 –Objectives

1.1. To give support to translation of Persian books into other languages and publication of such books as well as helping the Iranian Literature to flourish in the international arena.

1.2. To promote the scholarly aspect of the TIBF via attendance of special guests and internationally renowned figures from the publishing industry in the TIBF.

1.3. To promote the right exchange and help the domestic publishers in the international markets to deepen their relationship with other publishers.

Article 2 – The included persons

A maximum of 10 will be selected among the people with the following qualifications:

2.1. Those involved in the publishing industry, copyright selling, as well as the publishers and the managers of literary agencies of other countries who have translated Persian works into other languages and published them.

2.2. Translators, editors, and experts of foreign publishers who master Persian language and have translated a Persian book to a second language (the pervasiveness of the second language is considered as a primary criterion);

2.3. Those publishers who have published at least 5 titles (Multi-volume or valuable works can be excluded from this rule).

Note 1: There is no age requirement for the Scholarship Programme; however, younger persons with enough capacities for collaboration will be given priority.

Note 2: Based on priorities and the book fair annual budget, the number of persons may be decreased or increased if approved by the committee described in Article 3 of this guide.

Article 3 – Events considered for the guests

3.1. Events considered for the guests invited through this Scholarship Programme include meetings (with publishers, literary agencies, publishing guilds, and literati), attending scholarly forums organized by sections such as Hall of Nations, Guest of Honor, or World Book Market to give lectures.

3.2. The time interval of the events considered for a guest shall not be less than two-thirds of the time they attend the book fair.

Note: Sideline events outside the book fair will be organized by the managers of the Hall of Nations, Guest of Honor, and World Book Market.

Article 4 – The amount of the bursary

4.1. The round trip flight as well as the hotel charges, during the TIBF days, will be covered by this Scholarship Programme.

4.2. The invited selected persons will solely be allowed to use the benefits for the designated year and they shall not be transferable to the upcoming book fairs in the next year.

4.3. Each person will be allowed to use the scholarship only once.

Note: The amount allocated to each person may change according to the objectives mentioned in Article 1.

CV to be submitted: personal information; works published as specified in Article 2.

Submission Deadline: Jan. 21, 2020


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