Press Release: Jakarta Content Week 2020 Closing

Updated: Mar 15

Jakarta Content Week 2020 Attended by Participants from 41 Countries

International Collaboration between Content Owners Continues

The Jakarta Content Week 2020 ran from 11 to 15 November 2020, has successfully opened the door for collaboration for actors in the content industry and digital startups in the international market. Through matchmaking programs that bridged industry players, namely “Litbeat - Translate! From German! Introduction to a New Forum for translators” and “Startitup! Networking and insights for startups from Asia Pacific and Germany: More networking and opportunities on the way”, the German Federal Foreign Office also supported subsequent programs post-Jaktent for Indonesian digital startups to build relations with their German counterparts, as well as the translation of literary works from both countries.

The continuation of the programming is one of the targets set by Yayasan 17000 Pulau Imaji and Frankfurt Book Fair in their collaboration to organize Jakarta Content Week. “We are hoping that the festival will be a starting point for creative industry players and IP holders to connect and develop their businesses. With support from FBF and the German Federal Foreign Office, this hope has come true. Therefore, we are very enthusiastic to present an even wider connection in next year’s Jaktent,” said Laura Bangun Prinsloo, Chair of Yayasan 17000 Pulau Imaji.

“The first Jaktent in 2020 is a special event, and we are elated to have organized this despite the countless challenges in this trying time. The programs are diverse and unique, and we have received great feedback as well. I am personally looking forward to Jaktent 2021 when we hopefully will be able to have more meetups and physical sessions. And it is true that we are bringing the world closer. Thank you for all the sponsors who have made this event possible,” said Claudia Kaiser, Vice President of the Frankfurt Book Fair.

In five days of running, Jaktent recorded 3,933 registrants and 16,677 viewers from 41 countries on its website at, who attended 144 events with 326 speakers, as well as 78 exhibitors in The Market and three investors and 25 companies in The Market Go-Invest. Among the 41 countries whence our participants come are Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Niue, China, Japan, South Korea, United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Kenya, and Morocco.

Jaktent successfully presented four international guests as LitBeat Star. They are Palestinian travel vlogger Nuseir “Nas Daily” Yassin; musician and producer of Vogue’s “73 Questions” that propelled the popularity of Billie Eilish, Joe Sabia; author of the bestselling novel Confessions of a Shopaholic, Sophie Kinsella; and journalist and writer of the bestselling book The Uninhabitable Earth, David Wallace-Wells. These four speakers joined other experts in the seven segments of Jaktent: LitBeat, LitFest, LitFilm, LitBite, LitTrade, The Market, and Cosplay Championship. The seven segments were broadcasted from the studio in SMESCO Indonesia, which was designed by architect Trianzani Sulshi from Studio Aliri. In addition to the seven segments, on its last day, Jaktent also hosted The NextDev Summit by Telkomsel, which was the premier sponsor of Jaktent 2020.

With the success of Jakarta Content Week 2020, Yayasan 17000 Pulau Imaji, and Frankfurt Book Fair as organizers have prepared a series of subsequent programs for the year ahead until the next Jaktent, planned to be held on 10-14 November 2021. This series of events include the curation and guidance for Indonesian digital startups by startup experts from Germany, German film screenings, book donation to a remote area in Indonesia, partnership in the translation of Indonesian literature to other languages, as well as further interactions between small and medium enterprises in the content industry with investors that have begun in The Market.

Seeing the enthusiasm of all Jaktent 2020 attendees, the committee has opened the access to rewatch all sessions at Jaktent’s website ( on 16-17 November 2020. In addition, from 18 November 2020 to 31 January 2021, those who want to see Jaktent again or for the first time can do so by purchasing a ticket worth Rp 150,000.

Through these subsequent programs, Yayasan 17000 Pulau Imaji and Frankfurt Book Fair invite the creative industry players, content owners, and SMEs to take advantage of the international network that Jaktent has presented. See you next time at Jaktent 2021 on 10-14 November 2021!

For further information, please address your inquiries to Jaktent’s media relations:

Widya Nurul Fauziah (0857-7371-6987)

Dita Kurnia (0812-9817-7567)



About the Organizers of Jakarta Content Week:

Frankfurter Buchmesse

Is the international publishing industry’s biggest trade. FBF is considered the most important event in the world for international transactions and rights trading on books and content in various forms.

Yayasan 17000 Pulau Imaji

Is a non-profit organization working to improve the quality of literature and creative content in Indonesia, initiating and organizing various educative and inspiring programs that encourage the realization of a sustainable literary ecosystem, encouraging high-quality literary products, making reading materials accessible for people, as well as elevating the role of Indonesian literature in global contemporary issue, and collaborating with various actors in the book industry, the government, corporation, and communities.