outSTANDing: Indonesian National Stands at International Book Fairs (2015-2019)

Updated: Mar 15

When Indonesia became the Guest of Honour in the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015, the Ministry of Education and Culture established a national committee. And upon the completion of the event, The National Book Committee was established in 2016, to continue Indonesia's participation in international book fairs.

And as an entity that represents a nation, one of the Committee's challenges is to provide a national stand that stands out in design, representing the themes and ideas a nation carries. It also required to assist the exhibitors to promote their books, as well as facilitating them to have business meetings there.

In Frankfurt 2015, the design of the stand was grand and outstanding. It reaped many praises and the visitors loved it. It would be no easy feat to repeat.

Indonesian pavilion at the 2015 FBF

Luckily, we have great talents at our disposal.

Stepped in to answer the challenge, Avianti Armand and Andro Kaliandi. In 2016, the National Stand in Frankfurt was designed using the concept of “Terasering” or Terrace. In agriculture, a terrace is a piece of sloped plane that has been cut into a series of successively receding flat surfaces or platforms, which resemble steps, for more effective farming.

The stand was designed to overcome another challenge: budget. With limited resources, they were tasked to make a stand that can be used at least twice in successive years. And they did exactly that.

Indonesian National Stand at the FBF 2016

The stand was used again in 2017, but this time using different color themes. A change from light brown in 2016, to an elegant black in 2017.

Indonesian National Stand at the FBF 2017

In 2018, a new concept was introduced: ‘Coastline”. A stand designed with curving shelves, to mimic the waves from Indonesian coastlines, after all, we’re a nation of 17,000 islands.

Indonesian National Stand at the BCBF 2018

This time, the modular concept is also being introduced. This again, to overcome the budgeting challenge. The stand was first introduced in the London Book Fair (LBF) 2018 using a space of 200 sqm. And then some parts of it, 64 sqm to be exact, were reused in Bologna Children’s Book Fair (BCBF) 2018.

And finally, the modules made their way to Frankfurt Book Fair (FBF) 2018 with an allocation of 120 sqm. The same modules is also used in BCBF 2019 and FBF 2019.

Indonesian National Stand at FBF 2019

In 2018, Indonesia was officially becoming Country of Focus at the London Book Fair 2019. And a new stand was designed by FFFAAARRR Architecture Firm. Using ‘Ripple’ as a concept to reflect the effect of Indonesia’s presence in the publishing world.

Indonesian National Stand at the LBF 2019

Occupying a space in the middle of Olympia London, 200 sqm, the stand stood firm. Constructed on two levels. The lower level is where the business happened, and the upper level is where visitors can see and read books from Indonesia, while also seeing the activities in the lower level.

The upper section of Indonesian National Stand at the LBF 2019

The stand was making a statement, announcing a more solid presence and making the world notice that Indonesia has a vast amount of richness in culture, diversity, and creative content.

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