Licensing News: Emily Publishing Taiwan published Daru's Beloved Tree from PT Kanisius

Updated: Mar 15

Commemorating World Environment Day, June 5, 2021, PT Kanisius, a printing, and publishing company in Indonesia is delighted to share the wonderful news. Pohon Kesayangan Daru (Daru’s Beloved Tree) is licensed in Taiwan and published by Emily Publishing in March 2021.

Daru's Beloved Tree (Literasia Creativa)

Ms. Rosalia Emmy of Kanisius told us that "Caring for nature has always been an interesting and important theme to be told in children's books. Children's love for nature and the surrounding environment always raises hope for the preservation of the earth in the future".

Daru's Beloved Tree, a wonderful collaboration by Yuniar Khairani and Mira Widhayati, was published by PT Kanisius in collaboration with Room to Read and ProVisi Education Indonesia in 2017. This book is about a child's friendship with his favorite sawo (sapodilla) tree. Daru, the child, was having so many fun games in the tree. Playing rope, swinging, also reading a book. But one day, the tree had to be moved because a building is going to be constructed there. Daru was broken-hearted, until one day, he saw a small sapodilla tree standing tall in the city park. Is that his favorite little sawo tree? Why are so many small children playing in the tree? A truly heartwarming story about love and sharing.

Daru's Beloved Tree (Literasia Creativa)

Previously, in 2018, Daru's Beloved Tree has also been translated into Vietnamese. Published to enrich the library of children's books in Vietnam, the book was published as a collaboration between Kanisius and Room to Read Vietnam.

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