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Updated: Mar 15

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Matara fails to enter her dream school, and then moves to Gapi Island in the northeastern region of the Indonesian archipelago with her parents. This move not only brings Matara to new places but also takes a long time, to explore the past. Starting from the time when the big ships first landed and made the island into one of the centers of the world, the time when the great scientist Wallace wrote a letter to Darwin from one corner of the island, a time when the red and white flag had been raised on the island. But then this island was deserted and forgotten, until the latest period when Matara and her two best friends save Gapi Island’s heritage.

About the Author

Okky Madasari is an Indonesian novelist. She has been known to exquisitely portray the social and political conditions of contemporary Indonesia. She won Khatulistiwa Literary Award (Indonesia's prestigious literary prize) for her novel Maryam - The Outcast (2012) which revolves around people who are displaced due to their beliefs and then banned into exile. Her first novel, Entrok - The Years of the Voiceless (2010) tells a story about military dominance during Indonesia's New Order Era. Her other novels are 86 (2011) which raises the problems of massive corruption in Indonesia today and Pasung Jiwa - Bound (2013) which touches on the freedom of the individual within contemporary Indonesia.

Additional Information

Category: Young Adult

Language: Indonesian/English

Pages: 256

Dimension: 13.5 x 20 cm

ISBN: 9786020619385

Publisher: Gramedia Pustaka Utama

Rights: All rights available


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