Jakarta Content Week and The NextDevPresents Platform for Creative Content Collaboration

Updated: Mar 15

Jakarta Content Week and The NextDev

Presents Platform for Creative Content Collaboration

To seize the opportunity that comes with the development of the creative industry in Indonesia and the Asia region, Frankfurter Buchmesse (Frankfurt Book Fair) in partnership with Yayasan 17000 Pulau Imaji (17,000 Islands of Imagination Foundation), organize the Jakarta Content Week (Jaktent) on 11-15 November 2020. The festival is supported by The NextDev by Telkomsel, a platform for the search and development of early-stage digital startups with social impacts for Indonesian people.

(Literasia Creativa)

Jaktent will be held virtually with the theme, “Closer #BringingWorldsTogether”. The theme portrays the hope that through Jaktent as a platform, actors in the creative content industry can be connected in a network.

In its first year, Jaktent is held virtually due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The event will be held physically in the coming years. All virtual sessions in Jaktent 2020 can be accessed at its official website, www.jaktent.com.

Jaktent presents seven segments with a total of 140 sessions and more than 300 speakers. The seven segments in Jaktent are:

· LitBeat: Interactive conferences and best practices in the creative industry

· LitFest: The stage for literature and internationally and nationally renowned writers

· LitFilm: Spotlight for arthouse film and financing forum

· LitTrade: Matchmaking and networking session to increase rights trading between the Asia Pacific and the West

· The Market: Marketplace for intellectual property, books, films, and other creative content

· LitBite: A place to learn about the culinary industry and food appreciation

· CosplayFest: Performance and competition to celebrate content characters

Aside from the seven segments, there is a special segment for this year’s Jaktent, which is The NextDev Summit @Jaktent by Telkomsel. The NextDev Summit is organized to connect several key players in the technology ecosystem and to facilitate collaboration in order to advance the digital economy in Indonesia.

As a collaborative platform, The NextDev Summit aims to reach as many audiences as possible. The partnership with Jakarta Content Week, which shares the same goal of improving digital literacy among people, is hoped to boost the participation and exposure for both events on the global stage.

“We are excited to collaborate with Telkomsel. Since the beginning, Jaktent has been initiated as a platform for collaboration for various parties to support the emergence of new talents in the creative content industry, particularly the digital ones. The NextDev by Telkomsel shares the same goal to nourish the digital ecosystem,” said Laura Bangun Prinsloo, Chair of Yayasan 17000 Pulau Imaji.

Denny Abidin, VP of Corporate Communications at Telkomsel, stated his optimism that the collaboration between The NextDev and Jaktent would bring positive impacts to the Indonesian creative industry in the future. “With various programs, the event would not be missed by digital and tech-savvy millennials. There are a lot of startups that help develop small and medium enterprises amid the pandemics. There are a lot of inspiring stories that we will share in Jaktent. Thank you for the opportunity, and we highly support the Jakarta Content Week,” said Denny Abidin.

As the platform also provides room for micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs), the Ministry of Cooperatives and SMEs also shows its support for Jaktent and The Next Dev Summit through the participation of SMESCO. “SMESCO has a roadmap to elevate MSMEs and cooperatives through the synergy with government and other parties. We think of Jaktent as one of the ideal collaborative partners,” said Leonard Theosabrata, Director of SMESCO.

Juergen Boos, President of Frankfurt Book Fair, is enthusiastic and optimistic about Jaktent. “The publishing and creative market in Southeast Asia saw dynamic movement in the past – the publishing industry, hit hard by the pandemic, has been very creative in coming up with new business models. The first edition of Jakarta Content Week aims to support the publishing industry by showing and developing ideas on how to come up with and develop new business models. I am happy to see the event in November, although virtually. I am also happy to see the German Federal Foreign Office supporting the event.”

Besides Telkomsel, Jaktent is also collaborating with other parties. For LitFest, Jaktent is cooperating with the Lontar Foundation and the Jakarta Arts Council (DKJ), therefore LitFest will present some programs from Lontar Literary Festival and Jakarta International Literary Festival (JILF). Some names from the literature world will be speaking, including Eka Kurniawan, Ayu Utami, Goenawan Mohamad, Reda Gaudiamo, and Budi Darma, to name a few. With DKJ, there are two programs from JILF that will be featured in LitFest, on history in literature, and Kho Ping Hoo.

In LitBite, Jaktent has Santhi Serad from Aku Cinta Masakan Indonesia (ACMI) and chef Ronald Prasanto as program curators. LitBite has several programs that present the biggest names in the culinary industry, including William Wongso, Rahung Nasution, Bara Pattiradjawane, Petty Elliot, Santhi Serad, Norman Ismail, and many others.

For CosplayFest, Jaktent is partnering up with re:ON Comics, a magazine and comic platform in Indonesia, and the organizer of re:Con, the biggest comic event in Indonesia. In Jaktent, cosplay enthusiasts are invited to compete under the judgment of four top cosplayers in Indonesia; Clarissa Punipun, Naru, Pinky Lu Xun, and Esa Pavlichenko.

For LitFilm, Jaktent is collaborating with film curator Lisabona Rahman for the screenings of some Indonesian movies that were adapted from books and five German movies presented by the German Federal Foreign Office, as well as masterclasses on filmmaking.

Our business programs, such as matchmaking, workshops, to pitching forums, are presented for actors in the creative content industry to MSMEs under LitTrade and The Market. For both segments, we receive support from Hewlett Packard (HP), International Publishers Association (IPA), Goethe Institut Indonesia, and SMESCO. The Frankfurt Book Fair will be in charge of business interactions between publishers.

For further information, please address your inquiries to Jaktent’s media relations:

Widya Nurul Fauziah (0857-7371-6987)

Dita Kurnia (0812-9817-7567)

Email: media@jaktent.com


About the Organizers of Jakarta Content Week:

Frankfurter Buchmesse

Is the international publishing industry’s biggest trade. FBF is considered as the most important event in the world for international transactions and rights trading on books and content in various forms.

Yayasan 17000 Pulau Imaji

Is a non-profit organization working to improve the quality of literature and creative content in Indonesia, initiating and organizing various educative and inspiring programs that encourage the realization of a sustainable literary ecosystem, encouraging high-quality literary products, making reading materials accessible for people, as well as elevating the role of Indonesian literature in global contemporary issue, and collaborating with various actors in the book industry, the government, corporation, and communities.

Premier Sponsor: The Nextdev by Telkomsel

Official Sponsor: Auswartiges Amt, Goethe-Institut Indonesien, HP

Official Partner: Ministry of Cooperatives and MSMEs, SMESCO, Jakarta Provincial Administration, Lontar Foundation, Jakarta Arts Council, World Intellectual Property Organization, International Publishers Association, PublisHER, Idelaju, Aku Cinta Makanan Indonesia (ACMI), Fromlabs, Eja.kar.ta, Indonesia International Book Festival, Kebun Ide

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