Indonesia Will Still Attend London Book Fair 2020

Updated: Mar 15

Amid the ongoing concern of the coronavirus, The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Indonesia has finally decided to attend the event, completing its post-2019 Market Focus serials of events.

(Literasia Creativa)
Indonesia in LBF 2019

It is certainly a brave move - with some of the big names in the publishing industry such as HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, and Macmillan's U.S. has confirmed they will not be attending this year's LBF.

As quoted from the official website, an update from the organizers was posted on 3rd March 2020, as follow:

"LBF is going ahead, 10-12 March. As part of ReedExhibitions, we are continuously monitoring the situation around Covid-19 Coronavirus, in line with Public Health England and World Health Organisation guidelines. If the advice from the UK authorities does change we will act upon it and immediately update the industry.

We appreciate that these are difficult times for everybody and thank people for their patience and understanding in a fluid situation. As previously stated, for those attending this year’s show all Public Health England and WHO guidelines are being followed, and appropriate additional measures are being put in place.

For those unable to get to LBF2020 we will be doing our best to ensure that as much content as possible is streamed and shared through social channels."

The list of publishers/agency that will attend as the co-exhibitors in the Indonesia National Stand are:

  1. Mizan Publishing, Sari Meutia

  2. PT. Bumi Aksara, Lucya Andam Dewi

  3. Yayasan Pustaka Obor, Sukartini

  4. Sapasar Literary Agency, Abdul Raup

  5. Borobudur Agency, Thomas Atasana

  6. PT. Remaja Rosdakarya, Rosidayati Rozalina

  7. PT. Gramata, Nova Rasdiana

  8. PT. Kesaint Blanc, Alvinta Purba

  9. PT. Kanisius, Flora Maharani

  10. Literasia Creativa, Yani Kurniawan

Initially, Gramedia Publishing Group was also included but has withdrawn from the list.

In addition to the publishers, Mohammad Taufik, affectionately known as Emte who did the murals in the Indonesian stand last year will also attend the book fair.

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