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  • Yani Kurniawan

Bus Diaries by RL

People travel to seek happiness, inspiration, calmness away from the pace of works. There are so many reasons for one to go travelling. They went the distance, and their stories will take your imagination, its experience will urge you to follow, to travel by walking, hiking, biking or sometimes hitchhiking.

While some of you are fortunate enough to travel, perhaps others who hasn't will seek these inspirations in books. And sometimes, reading a travel book can book can be as inspiring as the journey itself.

For six months in 2009, RL explored Latin America during a time when a major change shifted the region - previously governed by military juntas, dictatorships and right-wingers, a majority of leftist government was elected democratically for the first time in history, including the first indigenous president. Before smartphones, Google Maps or Google Translate, RL chewed coca leaves with bus drivers in Bolivia, snorkeled in Galapagos, saw the Nazca lines from air and a mummified, pumpkin-headed toddler in Peru and traveled with a legal fake ID in Cuba. She traversed the continent mostly by land, making the most out of the region's extensive bus network whenever possible.

Pages: 260

Publisher: February 2020

ISBN: 9786230013553

Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Publisher: Elex Media Komputindo

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