Beijing International Book Fair 2020 Special Online Edition

Updated: Mar 15

Amidst the current global pandemic of Covid-19, Beijing International Book Fair will go ahead as scheduled. This year's fair will be held on 26 - 30 August 2020 in the New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC). Besides the regular physical fair, the organizer will add a special online edition that will utilize new technologies such as 5G, big data, and AI, that will last year-round.

Ms. Huang Huiling of BIBF sent us the essential information that you can read below.

1. What is the online exhibition?

2020BIBF will upgrade its official website, develop BIBF App, create a new online copyright platform to help international exhibitors display their books and promote their copyrights, and facilitate international exhibitors with copyright negotiation, buyer information collection, and copyright trade. The BIBF online copyright platform will be presented on the upgraded official website ( and launched in early July. All publishers registered on this platform have the opportunity to participate in various online copyright negotiations and matching meetings organized by BIBF throughout the year.

2020BIBF will also set up an Online Copyright Trade Award. For exhibitors who conclude copyright transactions through online negotiation during the August 26-30 exhibition, the top 10 exhibitors will be awarded according to their trade volume (detailed information needed). The prize is an Online copyright trade award certificate, 2021 booth coupon worth 900 US dollars, and more value-added special promotion services.

2. How much does it cost to exhibit online?

The BIBF online copyright platform will be completely free of charge until December 31, 2020. Exhibitors of online participation can register for free, upload catalogs for free, and conduct copyright negotiation and cooperation for free. Starting from January 1, 2021, it will only be open to paying exhibitors, professional visitors, buyers, etc. (price to be announced later).

The exhibitor who settles in an online platform will be granted a company account (including two sub-accounts), and the administrator of the exhibitor company needs to use the company account to fill in company information and manage the sub-accounts. Copyright managers, editors, and other staff can use sub-accounts to upload catalogs, maintain the account, and use functions such as meeting appointments, searching for copyrights, and buyers. In case of needs for additional sub-accounts, each sub-account is priced at 350RMB.

For exhibitors who purchase physical booths, the number of four sub-accounts is granted for each 9sqm booth.

3. How to apply for an online exhibition?

If you want to participate in 2020BIBF only Online: please register a company account on the website from July 10 to 20. Upon registration, you will receive the username and password for your company administrator in your email. If you want to participate in 2020BIBF with both Online service and physical booth": Please fill out the 2020BIBF Contract and the company information and exhibition model before July 10, and your account manager will apply for a company account on the online copyright platform and send the information to you around July 10.

(Note: One company can only have one company account. Exhibitors who have registered for physical booths can directly register online after July 10)

4. Timeline for online exhibition

  • June 10-July 9: Registration for Exhibitor who uses Online service and physical booth

  • July 10: Online training on the operation of online copyright platform

  • July 10-20: Online registration for all exhibitors

  • July 10-25: Exhibitors upload information (catalog, company information, directory information)

  • July 25: Deadline for exhibitor information upload

  • August 1: Exhibitors start meeting appointments and online negotiation

  • August 26-30: BIBF offline book fair held concurrently. Online copyright trade award

5. What documents are needed before I apply for online participation?

The BIBF online copyright platform will carry massive information on Chinese and foreign books and copyright. Each company account can upload five key titles and an unlimited number of all regular titles. All titles information can be adjusted, updated, and maintained at any time.

For five key titles, please prepare the following information: title (English), cover photo, publisher (English), author (English), ISBN, copyright status (English), publication date, number of pages, format, brief (in English, no more than 300 words), hardcover/paperback; non-required information: edition, series, catalog, short video (you can make a short introduction video of about one minute for each key title for the copyright buyer’s better understanding).

You can upload information in the key books column later.

For regular books, please prepare information according to the Book's list(Excel). You can manage the catalog information through copy and paste. You can copy 20 books’ information each time. The cover photo is optional, but to ensure the display effect, it is recommended to prepare the cover photo (jpg or png) for upload.

6. How to conduct online talks?

Exhibitors can access their accounts through the BIBF official website on the PC or the BIBF App on their mobile phones. After logging in, you can search for copyright books, click on "schedule meeting" for the copyright books of interest, and send a meeting request to the copyright party. Upon the copyright party consent, you can see the online meetings access in the "Meetings Management".

For more comprehensive information, you can download the files below.

ONLINE Brochures
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All titles list
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Q&A 2020BIBF Eng
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