Andik Prayogo, Indonesian Comic Industry Trailblazer, Passed Away at 47

Updated: Mar 15

We are shocked and devastated to hear about the passing of our dear friend, Andik Prayogo. He was a prominent comic book writer and the Co-Founder & Creative Director of re:ON Comics.

(Literasia Creativa)

Andik was born on 16 November 1973 in Madiun, East Java. He spent his high school years in De Britto, Yogyakarta before earning his bachelor's degree in Visual Communication Design from Trisakti University in 1998. Since then his career started as a graphic designer before made the switch to a comic book writer in 2009. Comic books have always been his passion since his childhood, but he never dreamt that it will become his future career. He started his professional debut in 2010, after entrusted by the Caravan Studio and UNIMA, to make a comic script adapted from the Mahabharata.

His first writing debut won him two awards for the Anugrah Komik Indonesia 2010, as the best comic story writer, and the best children's/young adult comic. In 2011, He won an award as the Best Writing and Best Comic Book for Children in an Indonesia Comics Award, held by Masyarakat Komik Indonesia.

In 2013, together with Chris Lie and Yudhanegara Njoman, he became one of the co-founders of re:ON Comics, one of the biggest and fastest-growing local comic book publishers in Indonesia. Here, Andik started actively seeking local talents, guiding and promoting them to the foreign markets. In re:ON, he established a system where they honor the comic creators by paying them the fee of their works, and includes a royalty clause once the works are published. A refreshing take on what usually only a flat fee is received by these creators.

He helped the Indonesian comic industry to a new frontier, where he has negotiated several comic deals in Japan, South Korea, and Russia. Since Indonesia become the Guest of Honour of Frankfurt Book Fair 2015, Andik was a regular face in Indonesian delegates in various International Book Fairs.

His comics: Shivers, Ohayo Tokyo! And Lay-Lay Cat has been published in South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Russia, in printed books, e-book, and webtoon format.

Claudia Kaiser, Vice President Business Development of Frankfurt Book Fair and the Festival and Program Director of the Jakarta Content Week said: "I am and we are devastated by the passing of Andik Prayogo. What a fine person he was, and what an important part of the comic and publishing community. He was full of energy and so spirited. He contributed so much to a growing industry. I still cannot believe that he is not with us any longer. He will be missed tremendously. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family, friends, and colleagues – we will always remember him".

Yani Kurniawan, Founder of Literasia expressed his condolences: "I'm devastated. During my time in the National Book Committee and beyond, Andik and I often crossed paths. He was always a delight to work with. A true professional, very kind, and above all, a lovely fellow. His determination to grow and expand Indonesian comics is absolutely admirable, and his success is what I want to emulate here in Literasia. I learned so much from him, and our friendship is something that I will cherish forever".

A calm professional, friendly and charming, his kindness went beyond a professional relationship. The outpouring grief in the comic and publishing community will be a testament to his character. His passing will undoubtedly leave a void in the comic industry in Indonesia.

We at Literasia, are extending our condolences to his family, friends, and colleagues in this difficult time. May he rest in peace.


2010-2013: Baratayuda vol 1-11 (illust. Afif Numbo & Caravan Studio), publisher UNIMA

2013-2015: Lay-Lay Cat (illustrated by Sheila Rooswitha Putri), publisher re:ON Comics

2013-2017: Bagas, Tentara Pelajar vol 1-7 (Illust. Afif Numbo & Caravan Studio), publisher Gatra Media

2014-2020: Shivers (illust. Various artists), publisher re:ON Comics

2015: Kartun Japarr – Dag, Dig, Dug, di Hutan Seram (illustrated by Julia Laud), Publisher Gramedia Group

2018 - 2020: Ohayo Tokyo (illustrated byFachreza Octavio), publisher COMICO Indonesia

2019: Reon Junior, (illustrated by Dini Marlina), publisher M&C Gramedia.

Published Overseas:

Shivers: Printed Comic Book by Kadokawa Gempak Starz – Malaysia

Shivers: Webtoon by Bufftoon – South Korea, and INKR - Singapore

Lay-Lay Cat: ebook by Print Press, Russia