About Us

Literasia was established in April 2019. Initially as a news website covering the publishing industry in Southeast Asia. We aim to be a reliable outlet for literary works and creative content from Southeast Asia.

But in time, we realized that while Southeast Asia has so many brilliant talents - from writers, illustrators, and content creators - it still lacks the representative for its literary and creative works. With that in mind, in 2020 we decided to be a creative agency as well to represent these talents, and also collaborates with publishers and other publishing industry shareholders.  We hope that we can become a platform to facilitate their works, to be enjoyed by much bigger audiences: the rest of the world.

Who's Who



Yani Kurniawan is the founder of Literasia.

Holding a bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering, he left his engineering career in 2007, to pursue his passion for publishing by joining Serambi Publisher as their copyright coordinator. He worked in Tuttle-Mori Agency as a rights agent, handling Indonesian territory from 2010 - 2020.

Between 2015 - 2019, He was a member of the Indonesia National Book Committee, where he handles Literary Promotion and Publishing Rights.

email: yani@literasia.net


Sartika Dian is a Literary Agent at Borobudur Agency.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and has written herself volumes of poetry books and essays since 2010.

Her cultural essays and voices have been published in the National newspapers and magazines both printed and online. She is the Director of Tangsel Literary Festival held annually in Tangerang Selatan where she leads a community called Indonesian Literary Collective.

email: sartika.dian@literasia.net


Novel Meilanie is a children's book author.


Her works have been published by several Indonesian publishers, and also the Ministry of Education and Culture. She’s also the founder of Kinarya Citta, an NGO focusing on education for children and society.

Her latest works: Vanya Series, is now on its way to be published in Singapore and Azerbaijan.

email: novel.meilanie@literasia.net

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